“We did the right thing” Gov. Rick Scott FL.

Posted: November 9, 2012 in Politics, somewhat current
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After being  asked repeatedly Gov. Rick Scott was asked if he regretted not extending early voting. I am disgusted with this man. he is a joke. I can not believe that any person looking at the lines and knowing how understaffed and few polling places there where would say that they did the right thing. It is extremely obviously that Gov Scott was attempting to suppress the vote by discouraging people from waiting in long lines. Voting should be made easy and convince. I can not wait until he is up for reelection, talk about a landslide. Many Floridians have expressed their desire for Gov Scott to resign. As much I would enjoy that I highly doubt that he will considering how big of a dumb ass he is. He is too busy sucking someone higher up in the GOP to be truly consider about the best interest of the People of Florida.


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