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I understand that many of you may be tired of reading my status updates and ready for this election to be over. I completely feel your pain. I too am anxious for the election to be over.

A friend of mine today made a comment on one of my updates stating that the reason I needed a nap was because I was tired from all the political rants I have been on lately. This got me thanking. I enjoy sharing my political view and engaging in conversations with others about serious issues. I also feel that striking up difficult conversations with my friends and family, I am helping to strengthen our beliefs, opinions, and resolve to make things better. With just a few days left until our nation decides which direction we will take during the next few years; I have no doubt that whoever wins I will have plenty to say.

Therefore I have chosen to use this as a more appropriate forum to express myself and encourage engaging conversations on issues that affect each of us differently. I have witnessed during passionate interchanges on Facebook that many may have felt attacked or under valued while expressing your thoughts. This is not the place for this. I welcome critics. Please feel free to strike up a heated debate on what issue you may feel appropriate. I only ask you attack the position and not the person holding it. I promise to respect every thought expressed and strongly encourage expression thereof.

“As iron sharpens iron,
so one person sharpens another.”
Proverbs 27:17