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It is amazing how one person can impact the world. I bet Edith S. Childs never in her life would have imagined that she would encourage so many. This cheer will forever live in the history books.

“Fired up, Ready to Go!”

In just a few hours the Polls will open and Americans will start streaming in to make their voice heard. Before you go behind that curtin think about your life and the past four years. I have no doubt that as a whole we are better then we were. I believe with every part of my heart that Obama is leading us in the right direction. It is time America sets an example to the rest of the world and once again reclaim the title of the greatest nation on earth. It is time we lead the world FORWARD into a better stronger tomorrow. Where we aren’t separated by rich and poor but brought together by our beliefe in one another. It is time we help build a world unified stronger because of our diffrences. A vote for Obama is a vote for a brighter tomorrow! I still believe in him, and i Know he still believe in us.

Vote Obama!



I almost missed it when I was on the page looking around. I wish they would have made bumper stickers like this. I would have bought a few.




It is easy to forget how much harder it was 4 years ago. when billions of dollars are being spent polluting the airways with lies it is easy to start believing the. Today we have Hope. Change has happened the will with time build a stronger future. Time to reinvest in America and our selves. 4 MORE YEARS!